What kind of camera do you use?
Right now I'm using a Nikon D40X

How did you get started in photography? Who taught you how to take pictures?
I am self-taught. I got a used camera donated to me from a church when I was around 7 years old and took it everywhere with me. It was film, so a lot of the pictures never got developed, due to the cost, but it was worth it for me to just take picture after picture after picture. As the years went by, I got my fair share of point and shoots, then finally was able to make the leap to DSLR. Lots and lots of trial and error and messing around with the settings on my camera have helped me better understand how the settings, angles, etc all come together to make a great picture

Can I add you on Facebook?
For the most part, I prefer to keep my Facebook limited to close friends and family. Sorry.

Do you sell prints of your photos somewhere? Can I buy them?
While I don't have a website set up for sales, feel free to contact me for information on purchasing prints or photography services.

You seem to travel a lot. Do you really travel that often? Why?
It's innate in me to want to spread my wings and travel the world. I'm very fortunate to have been traveling pretty consistently since I was six months old (ah, the benefits of having an international family!). Whenever I am in one place for too long, I get that itch and need to get out and see and experience a new place. Whether it's 30 minutes away or a 6 hour plane ride, if I can make it happen, I'm there. Some months I won't get the itch for weeks on end, but sometimes I'll feel caged in after a week and need to travel somewhere just to get it out of my system. I'm an explorer by nature, and I hope I never lose that quality. Chances are, I won't.

Do you have a question for me?
Email me at monicajustesen@gmail.com, tweet me @luckymojo, or Formspring.me/luckymojo.