Dig These Blogs

Below you will find the blogs that keep me laughing, crying, DIYing, cooking, cleaning, photographing, and most importantly: reading. I hope you like all of them as much as I do. I've included a mini-description of my own with each blog for your benefit! Keep in mind that this list is constantly being updated, so make sure you check back often.

In no particular order:
Every Little Thing
(this blog holds a special place in my heart: my good friend Stacy blogs about food, music, beer, wine, social work, life, and being awesome)
Goodmorning & Goodnight
(various awesome things from around the internet)
Kissing Frogs
(hilarious blog by my friend J. Chronicles her adventures in running, drinking, and kooky goings-on)
Creature Comforts
(great blog for inspiration and ideas around the home)
House of Turquoise
(if you like the colour turquoise, you'll like this blog)
The Pioneer Woman
(this cowgirl does everything: cook, take pictures, blog, and hold down her energetic family on the farm)
Burnsland Blog
(awesome photos, witty commentary, and hilarious lists all by the lovely Steve!)
(a young family DIYing their way through their lives and sharing with you all their tips, discoveries, blunders, and how-tos along the way)
Philly Girl Runs
(philly girl, well..runs, cooks, bakes, and blogs about all of it!)
(this blog is a picture-filled catalog of the life and love of one really great lady)
My Life on Repeat
(S puts it best herself: the misadventures of a 20-something photographer)
Maine Momma
(this mother takes great photos and provides a unique and compellingly readable account of her daily life)
Leave Your Mark
(Everything from photos, recipes, reviews, suggestions, etc. This blog has got it!)
Blonde Bedhead
(Fashion blogger who features her friends)
Princess and P
(This girl is inspiring and that's what her blog is full of: various forms of inspiration and advice)
Dreams and Jeans
(A collection of various inspiring things)
The Impulsive Buy
(This guy eats everything "weird" [think seasonal pop tarts, new stuff at McDonald's, etc] and lives to blog about it)

Want your blog on this list? Contact me or leave a comment on one of my entries. It's that simple!